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Funeka Peppeta

Started Mood Mechanics in 2007 & exactly 10 years later opened sister company Buyer Mechanics in 2017.  

Funeka's mission is to provide platforms that cultivate creativity from the performance arts & the post production sector & inject those skills sets into corporate, communications & media industries.  

Performance & sound is the most universal tool that crosses language, race, gender & tax brackets. The key is to tap into these tools & utilise them to communicate brand, strategy or content for all types of media.


Wade Niemand

Wade has been a part of the Mechanics Team for over a decade. His strength in client & project management as well as staff facilitation has made him a value member of the Mechanics team.

His passion for music has led him to develop the Mechanics Voice Studio & lead all sound projects at the hub. 

In addition to sound production he creates music for independent music artist as well as sound & music production for various forms of media.



The Mechanics Hub consists of 4 key service offers.

Freelancer actors for activations & roadshows, 

Runners & students for corporate sector/events, 

 Pan African voicing studio for all Media &

Post production Studio.  

We have 13 years of experience & with a large database of freelance actors & students, scriptwriters, translators, show directors, SMT clothing makers & event support team facilitators.



The Recording Studio is based in

Tudor office Park, Blairgowrie. Johannesburg

Our staffing footprint is based in 5 major provinces 


Our campaign rollouts and support teams are national.  



Because we're nice people......and we're just that good! 

Standard Bank            Webber Wentzel           PPC 

Investec                       FNB                             24 Carrots

Jagermeister               Samsung                     Sasol

Momentum Multiply    Simba                          Avon 

Cadbury                      Nandos                       HDI youth 

Superior Choices        Idea Lab                     Pick n Pay  

Elephants on Main      BSG                           MSC Sports 

YPO                            Aspegon                    SAB